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Concurrent Sessions

Thursday, April 4, 2019

  • Denver Union Station: A Dynamic Landmark in Transit Architecture and Engineering | Case Study | Enclose
  • San Diego Central Courthouse - A Civic Landmark | Case Study | Perform
  • Characteristics of Glazing Layers of Double-Skin Facades and Energy Consumption: A Case Study in Arid Climate of Tehran | Technical Session | Perform
  • In-Plane Static Response of Dry-Joint Masonry Arch-Pier Structures | Technical Session | Perform
  • Non-Destructive Testing Technologies for Evaluating the Conditions of Buildings | Technical Session | Perform
  • Structural Foam Sheathing Test Program | Technical Session | Perform
  • Mass-Timber Structures – Increased Ductility Through Friction Mechanism | Technical Session | Sustain
  • Alternative Cements: Recent Developments and Future Directions | Technical Session | Sustain
  • Correlation Between the Socio-Economic Characteristics and Satisfaction of Residents: Empirical Study | Technical Session | Sustain
  • Analysis of the Occupants' Expectations of the Housing Units with Their Housing Experience: Conceptual Framework | Technical Session | Sustain
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