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Concurrent Sessions

Friday, April 5, 2019

  • The Moynihan Train Hall: Revolutionizing the Urban Transit Hub and Enhancing User Experience | Case Study | Perform
  • Futuristic Design of Pedestrian Bridges | Case Study | Perform
  • Energy Efficiency Retrofitting Planning of Multifamily Residential Buildings in Urban India | Technical Session | Perform
  • Impact of Meteorological Data Composition on Cost-Optimal Retrofitting Strategy for a Residential Building in a Hot Climate | Technical Session | Perform
  • Net Zero Neighborhood: A Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water for Smart Cities | Technical Session | Perform
  • Approaching Net Zero in an 1834 Farm House Through Integrating Multiple Energy Strategies | Technical Session | Perform
  • Real-Time Water- and Carbon-Responsive Buildings | Technical Session | Perform
  • Enhancing Sustainability Education Within an Architectural Engineering Curriculum | Technical Session | Learn
  • Student Collaboration in Comprehensive Design: Towards an Increasingly Realistic Design Experience | Technical Session | Learn
  • Collaborative Architecture Education through Net-Zero Design Competition on Modular Container School Design | Technical Session | Learn
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