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The Museum of the Bible

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Join us for a tour of one of DC’s newest museums with the leaders from the design team at SmithGroup who oversaw the renovation of the historic 1922 building.

Dedicated to one of the world’s oldest texts, the 8-level, 430,000 square foot museum is resolutely modern, incorporating striking architectural forms and cutting-edge technologies. The finished project is a built equivalent of a manuscript that bears traces of several versions of text added and erased over time.

The building avoids the easy, literal symbolism that is often associated with biblical representation, in favor of rich but subtle allusions. The result is a work of architecture that is simultaneously timeless and of-the-moment, both universal and place-specific. It reflects a concerted effort to allow for, and even encourage, a multiplicity of views, interpretations, and experiences.

The Museum of the Bible opened on November 17, 2017, its strategic location at the cultural axis along 4th Street connects the National Mall and major cultural landmarks to Southwest Washington, further invigorating the urban revival of a fascinating, historic and rapidly transforming part of the city.

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