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Poster Abstract Submissions

AEI Virtual Conference 2021 – VITAE

Virtual Graduate and Undergraduate Student Research Showcase

Submission deadline: March 19, 2021

In its second year, we are pleased to offer at the AEI Conference 2021 a virtual Student Research Showcase (poster session) for students to present their research to conference attendees. Cutting-edge technical work will be showcased in a visual display to encourage attendee interaction. Student researchers may be Undergraduate or Graduate Students (programs with 5-year Masters only may submit for Undergrad category if this is their first architectural engineering degree. Video presentations and pdf posters will be judged by a panel of jurors and the winner(s) will be announced during the Awards Ceremony Friday evening.

Virtual Research Showcase pre-recorded video presentations and pdf posters will be available for viewing beginning Wednesday, April 7, 2021 through Thursday, April 9, 2021.

Conference registration is required to participate in the AEI Research Showcase.

VITAE Poster Requirements

  • Your poster should include student name(s) and the name of faculty supervisor(s), your department, university, and project title.
  • Research topic is limited to relevant Architectural Engineering subjects.
  • Please indicate which AEI Build best fits your work (Deliver, Enclose, Learn, Modular, Perform, Resilient, Secure, Sustain).
  • Acknowledge AEI as well as any other organization(s) having a working relationship with the poster author, including funding agencies.
  • Posters must be submitted in color.
  • As possible, please include the following sections:
    • Title
    • Introduction/background
    • Methodology
    • Findings/results
    • Conclusion
  • Please avoid excessive jargon (while using appropriate technical terminology).
  • Include references but not be overly excessive.


  • How to create a Research Poster:
  • Students are encouraged to be creative as long as the guidelines are followed.

VITAE Video Presentation Requirements

  • Time Management – All relevant information is conveyed comprehensively in under 5 minutes
  • Clarity – understandable, clear, comprehensive
  • Correctness – all content is justified, appropriate, and without error
  • Engagement – Is interesting to watch and can be understood equally by experts and no experts of the subject matter.

Judging Criteria

Posters will be judged in two categories by attendee popular vote and by a panel jury including both academia and industry representatives. The judges will be asked to consider the following:

1. Poster Content

  • Research Innovation — research is cutting edge and particularly relevant for today
  • Completeness – stands alone, addresses all topics well, presents a complete picture of the research / topic

2. Poster Presentation

  • Design – stands out, is creative, is visually attractive
  • Clarity – understandable, clear, comprehensive
  • Correctness – all content is justified, appropriate, and without error


Posters in PDF format (10MB max for PDFs) and pre-recorded via Zoom, or other methods, need to be submitted* using the form below no later than March 19, 2021. Deadline extensions will not be granted.

*File names must follow this format: Poster_LastName_FirstName


Conference registration is required. Please complete the online form below to enroll in the AEI 2021 Virtual Poster Session.  ~Conference Registration Deadline is March 19th ~

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